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5 Reasons Why This Grocery Store Is On Everyone's 2022 Spartanburg Bucket List 🎉

And here are the big five reasons why everyone is finally forgetting about the big box stores that overcharge for groceries… and switching to Spartanburg's most interesting grocery store called Wise Buys Discount Groceries.


1. Huge Discounts

One reason to love Wise Buys is that compared to other grocery stores, Wise Buys' food sells for around 40% less. This puts more money back in your pocket without having to hunt for deals or sale items. All items are priced at lower prices than anywhere around.


2. New Items Daily

Wise Buys continually rotates their stock - meaning you'll never have to worry about being stuck always eating the same old meals. They also have food that other grocery stores don't carry, making it a great place to find unique meals.


3. Frozen Food Made For Restaurants

This store gets in lots of food actually made for high-end restaurants. When restaurants order too much food, Wise Buys buys it. This food is made for restaurants ranging from fast food to expensive steakhouses.


4. Happy, Helpful Staff

Admit it - most grocery stores we go to have staff members who aren't very happy or helpful. The staff at Wise Buys has received over 80 verified reviews (we counted) from customers who say that Wise Buys' associates are "friendly" and "helpful."

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5. Facebook Group Posts Its Best Deals

Not only does Wise Buys get new bargains daily, but it also posts them it its Facebook Deals Group! If you live in the Spartanburg area, you can join and keep up with the hottest deals - but you'll have to hurry in, because some items sell out quickly.

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